Angelicum College

Charity, Justice and Fortitude

Angelicum College
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    The Angelicum System adheres to the theoretical framework and established practices of a non-graded system of education, as envisioned by its founder, Fr. Rogelio B. Alarcon, O.P. Its primary concern is to accept and respect individual differences. It recognizes the unique learning styles, special needs, similarities, and differences of all learners. There is ample variability in instructional approaches to varying needs.



    Angelicum College, the country’s pioneer in the non-graded system, envisions herself to be the preferred Catholic Institution that forms learners to become academically competent, socially responsive and morally upright through the self-paced mode of learning for the service of the Church, the nation and the world.



    Angelicum College is committed to:

    • nurture the uniqueness of each learner through mastery learning and individualized, self-paced, modular, non-graded system of education
    • respond to the needs of the society through the revered virtues of Veritas, Caritas, Justitia and Fortitudo.
    • uphold the Filipino Dominican Philosophy of Education


    Angelicum College Programs Offered:


    Basic Education Program

    Home Study Program

    TVET Programs

    College Courses

    • AB in Communication
    • BS Computer Science
    • BS Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education – (Major in Mathematics, Major in Biological Science, Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP))
    • BS Entrepreneurship
    • BS Business Administration – (Major in Human Resource, Development Management)
    1. Commercial Cooking NC II
    2. Bread & Pastry NC II
    3. Bartending NC II
    4. Housekeeping NC II
    5. Food and Beverages NC


    • Certificate in Culinary Arts



    Telephone Number

    (02) 712 1745


    112 Sen. Mariano J. Cuenco Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City