Arellano University in Pasig (Andres Bonifacio Campus)

Provides equitable access to learning

Arellano University in Pasig (Andres Bonifacio Campus)
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    Arellano University in Pasig

    The late Florentino Cayco, Sr., first Filipino Undersecretary of Public Instruction and illustrious educator, conceptualized the birth and administered the growth of Arellano University.


    This prestigious institution of learning opened in 1938 as the Arellano Law College, named after Cayetano Arellano, first Filipino chief justice. It closed in December 1941 until March 1945 under the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II. At the end of the war, this educational institution reopened in April, 1945 and was renamed as Arellano Colleges offering a two-year preparatory law course and the regular four-year law course, as well as a complete secondary education curriculum.


    In June 1945, Arellano Colleges offered a four-year course in education (Bachelor of Science in Education), a two-year teacher training course (Elementary Teachers Certificate) and an elementary school training department. Likewise offered were courses in commerce, foreign service, and arts and sciences.


    A year later, in June 1946, Florentino Cayco, Sr., became the first President of Arellano Colleges. Through his efforts, Arellano Colleges was elevated to, and recognized as, Arellano University on February 22, 1947 by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports.


    It was also in 1947 that the graduate school was organized and authorized to offer a course leading to the degree of Master of Arts in education as a requisite for the grant of university status.


    In 1954, Arellano University opened a school of nursing which offered a basic nursing course. In April 1960, the School of Nursing expanded its curricular offerings by adding courses in post-basic nursing with majors in public health and clinical teaching. The School of Nursing was later renamed College of Nursing. At about the same time, a preparatory medical course was added to the general curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences.


    In 1978, the graduate school was renamed Florentino Cayco Memorial School of Graduate Studies, in honor of the founder and first president of Arellano University. Added to the graduate courses were the degrees of Master of Business Administration, Master of Science and Economics and Master of Arts in Nursing. In the same year, the management of the College of Law was turned over to Arellano Law Foundation under a Memorandum of Agreement.


    Its incessant expansion in all areas and locations has evolved into a network of campuses, the better to serve Metro Manila by going closer to the people. Arellano University in Pasig


    At present, the Arellano University System boasts of seven campuses, as follows:


    Arellano University Main, Legarda Campus
    Juan Sumulong Campus in Legarda , Manila
    Jose Abad Santos Campus in Pasay City
    (AU School of Law) Apolinario Mabini Campus in Pasay City
    Andres Bonifacio Campus in Pasig City
    Plaridel Campus in Mandaluyong City
    Elisa Esguerra Campus in Malabon City



    To be a model institution of learning where relevant knowledge is acquired and skills are developed in response to the needs of the global community.



    To provide equitable access to learning through relevant, innovative, industry-sensitive and environment-conscious academic programs and services.



    • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    • Bachelor of Arts in English
    • Bachelor of Elementary Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management and in Marketing Management
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


    Andres Bonifacio High School

    Elementary School


    Arellano University in Pasig details follow

    Telephone Number

    (02) 404-1644


    Andres Bonifacio Campus, Pag-asa St., Brgy. Caniogan, Pasig City 1606