How to know if your Zumba Instructor is Legit?

Did you know that anybody teaching Zumba must be an accredited trainer who is a ZIN member? Find out how to know if your Zumba instructor is legit..


How to know if your Zumba Instructor is Legit?

There are many people that claim to be Zumba instructors but have instead learned their trade by going to Zumba classes or watching YouTube videos about Zumba. The fact of the matter is that you should always look for an accredited Zumba instructor who is a fully paid up ‘ZIN member’.


These accredited Zumba instructors have spent time and money investing in their business by attending official Zumba training sessions held by Zumba Fitness accredited trainers. These training sessions teach the Zumba instructor how to structure classes to keep their classes fresh and also how to cater for different levels within their class. The accredited Zumba Instructor has to pay a monthly membership fee to Zumba Fitness LLC to receive new music each month and confidential training videos on the latest routines and styles sweeping the globe.


So how do you know if your Zumba Instructor is accredited?


This is easy to do because all accredited Zumba instructors have a ZIN membership which you can then look up on the official Zumba Fitness website:


Below is the statement from Zumba Fitness LLC:

‘Zumba Fitness is very serious about supporting its licensed instructors and legally enforcing its trademarks and we appreciate your assistance in this process. If you would like to check if an instructor is legally licensed to teach Zumba® classes, just type in their name to see if they are on the list. If the searched name does not appear on this list, the instructor is either expired or illegal.’



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