Asia Pacific College

Bridging Academe and Industry Real Projects, Real Learning

Asia Pacific College
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    Asia Pacific College has evolved into an excellent scholastic institution dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of applied projects and internship programs with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community. Asia Pacific College is devoted to advancing knowledge and educating students in information technology, commerce, engineering, accountancy, entrepreneurship, multimedia arts and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the global community in the 21st century. Asia Pacific College believes that professional competence is best fostered by coupling teaching and hands-on-training and forging these two is one of the mainsprings of growth in an economy increasingly defined by technology.

    Today, Asia Pacific College is the school of choice for those aspiring to attain a world-class education with a strong IT-based foundation. Graduates of APC are now found in all sectors of business and industry and are translating their knowledge into products, services and jobs.



    Asia Pacific College envisions itself to be the preferred Higher Education Institution bridging academe and industry with its programs founded on the concepts and applications of IT, guided by the core values of integrity, industry and innovation that works.



    Asia Pacific College, powered by education and industry professionals as faculty and a balanced curriculum, aims to provide business and the information and communications technology industry in the Philippines and in the global community lifelong learning graduates who are anchored on the principles of integrity and professionalism.


    Core Values

    Asia Pacific College aims to produce graduates with strong sense of industry or hard work, integrity or being honest and having strong moral / ethical principles, and innovation or constantly introducing new and creative methods or ideas.


    Asia Pacific College Programs Offered:

    Senior High School Program

    School of Management

    • BS Accountancy
    • BS Business Administration
    • BS Tourism Management

    School of Computing & Information Technologies

    • BS Entertainment & Multimedia Computing
    • BS Computer Science
    • BS Information Technology

    School of Engineering

    • BS Computer Engineering
    • BS Electronics Engineering

    School of Multimedia & Arts

    • Ab Psychology
    • AB Multimedia Arts

    Graduate School

    • Master in Information Systems
    • Master in Information Technology
    • Master in Management

    Telephone Number

    (02) 852 9232


    3 Humabon Place, Magallanes Station, Makati City 1232