Asian Institute of Computer Studies

To offer quality yet affordable IT education most especially to poor and deserving students.

Asian Institute of Computer Studies
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    “To offer quality yet affordable IT education most especially to poor and deserving students.” This has been the noble objective of the Asian Institute of Computer Studies since the very start of its operation way back in 1996. The vision of Mr. Manuel T. Asis, Chairman of the Board and President of Asian Institute of Computer Studies, is to let the youth of today learn and enjoy the magnificent growth of Information Technology. It was in November, 1996 when the first school of Asian Institute of Computer Studies was opened in Fairview, Quezon City. It offers 2-year Computer Science Course, Computer Technology Course and other computer related short programs.


    Asian Institute of Computer Studies Mission and Vision


    Mission Statement

    Technology plays a vital role in meeting the expectations of an advanced world that is fast changing and rapidly increasing in complexity and demands. The Philippines, as a member of international community, must address its own priorities by producing human resources that can cope with today’s world of information technology. In response to the global demand of IT manpower, Asian Institute of Computer Studies takes upon itself the mission of producing graduates that possess the necessary skills and right attitude that could qualify them to join the long race of the best IT people that this world can produce. To this, Asian Institute of Computer Studies is committed to:

    1. Provide its students an affordable but high quality education;
    2. balance their technological education with value-oriented studies;
    3. give students a maximum level of support for their development by providing them responsible and professionally competent faculty, adequate facilities, seminars that keep them abreast of the latest technological breakthroughs, and sufficient practical training through simulated office experience as well as linkages with reputable business establishments.



    Asian Institute of Computer Studies is an institution of learning that believes in the Power of Almighty God who has endowed every human being the special gift of knowledge and natural capabilities that can make one self-reliant, and that every individual, no matter how physically, mentally and economically disadvantaged can still be shaped into a responsible and productive person who can become a catalyst of change for the advancement and progress of his country. Thus, Asian Institute of Computer Studies envisions its graduate to be a total person who is:

    1. Physically fit, emotionally stable, morally sound and intellectually prepared;
    2. responsible individual with high integrity;
    3. service-oriented persons who is responsive to the moral, spiritual, cultural, social and economic needs of his country;
    4. innovative and active participants in the shaping of the future IT generation.


    Asian Institute of Computer Studies Facilities

    As an IT institution one of its primary concern is to provide modern facilities that are conducive to learning and adaptable to the latest technology set-up. Asian Institute of Computer Studies has provided the students with air- conditioned classrooms and library that houses books related to computer and other subjects; laboratories with 1:1 computer ratio and Internet facility; well- equipped technical laboratory; P.E. area; guidance office; clinic; faculty; administration office; and utility room.


    Courses offered

    2-Year Computer Courses
    • 2-year Computer Science
    • 2-year Computer Technology
    • 2-year Business Information Management


    Bachelor of Science Degree Course
    • 4-year BS in Computer Science
    • 4-year BS in Entrepreneurship
    • 5-year BS in Computer Engineering


    Short Courses
    • Power Office
    • Power Apps Programming
    • Power Graphics
    • Power Webmaster

    Telephone Number

    (02) 952-0308


    Commonwealth Ave. Cor. Holy Spirit Drive, Barangay Don Antonio, Quezon City