Asian School of Hospitality Arts

The home of future global hospitality leaders.

Asian School of Hospitality Arts
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    Asian School of Hospitality Arts is the home of future global hospitality leaders.

    After meticulously identifying the challenges and opportunities of a globally competitive field, Asian School of Hospitality Arts strategically directs the paths of its students toward a realistic career fulfillment by providing a world-class and globally attuned education that recognizes and empowers each student’s inherent capacity in serving both the local and global Hotel and Restaurant industry.

    The Asian School of Hospitality Arts stays true to its concept of an industry-immersed education, offering programs that are specifically tailored to fit the industry’s requirements, hence, a practical approach to holistic learning. Student apprenticeship programs go beyond traditional exposure because we have elevated every learning experience to an opportunity for skill mastery, supported by respected partners who are as committed as the school is.

    The Asian School of Hospitality Arts is part of The Cravings Group of Companies that gave us establishments such as Cravings Restaurant, TCB, The Orange Place Hotel, Seven Suites Hotel Observatory, and the Center for Culinary Arts, to name a few. Being pioneers and actual practitioners, the Asian School of Hospitality Arts is able to immediately expose the students to the actual setting of the industry and link them to many career opportunities within its group or partner establishments.


    To imbibe Filipino hospitality culture, apply experiential learning and provide career opportunities for all Asian School of Hospitality Arts graduates


    To be the home of future global hospitality leaders




    We believe that the provision of excellent service begins with respect, responsibility and honesty in all our intents and actions. We are the first to factor in the Filipino passion and use it as a springboard to educate, train and help employ the best in the industry.


    We believe that giving back to society and caring for its natural environment is central to the success of any institution.

    As an institution belonging to a larger group of companies, with unity, we are able to fully realize the achievement of our student’s personal, academic and career goals.

    We are committed in the delivery of our programs in order to uplift the Filipino workforce in the global hospitality industry.

    We believe that the student is the main reason for our existence.

    We believe that following a high standard of excellence in our work is the only way to produce graduates worth showing off to the world.

    We are pioneers in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality education and we shall continue to lead this field through our industry-based learning programs.

    We take responsibility & protect the students under our care and ensure their safety. We conscientiously make certain that needs are met and supervise them so their work is at par with the standards of the school.



    To fully support and implement the Tourism Program and Ladderization Program of our government.
    To offer hospitality education to anyone who desires to build a successful career in the hotel and restaurant industry.
    To ensure high quality delivery of holistic programs that focuses on both theoretical and experiential aspects of the industry.
    To not only train our students well, but to also ensure that they are immediately exposed to the many career opportunities the industry has to offer.

    Asian School of Hospitality Arts Offered Programs:

    Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management (4 years)

    Bachelor of Science in Tourism (4 years)

    BS Entrepreneurship (4 years)

    Professional Cooking with Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operations (1year)

    Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operations (6months- 1 year)

    Barista with Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operations (1 year)

    Certificate in Professional Cooking (6 months)

    Diploma in Hospitality Management (2 years)

    Telephone Number

    (02) 470 6417


    # 26 Kamias Road, West Kamias, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines