Assumption College San Lorenzo

The passion of faith, of love, and of the fulfillment of the law of Christ.

Assumption College San Lorenzo
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    The story of Assumption College San Lorenzo in the Philippines is a story of God’s “kagandahang-loob” to the Congregation and the Filipino people.

    In 1892, when the Philippines was under Spanish rule, Spain’s Queen regent, Maria Cristina, asked the Religious of the Assumption to assume the direction of the Superior Normal School for women’s teachers in Manila.  Marie Eugenie Milleret de Brou  (recently canonized Saint Marie Eugenie of Jesus), Foundress of the Assumption College San Lorenzo, recognized this as the immense possibilities for good in this distant mission to the East.  The directive fully answered the Foundress’s educational vision:  to pioneer women education in the Philippines.

    Now, more than 100 years  later, Assumption College San Lorenzo continues to celebrate God’s “Kagandahang-loob” – His gracious and bountiful love – in the Philippines.  Grace continues to overflow through generation after generation of sisters, alumnae, friends and partner organizations, who incarnate in their lives the spirit and vision of St. Marie Eugenie:



    Assumption College San Lorenzo’s primary purpose is to provide quality Catholic education:

    1. An education integrating faith and academic excellence with life’
    2. An education committed to the development of Philippine society in particular and the world in general’
    3. An education which is holistic in its development of the women as a relevant and effective leader for significant change in society, prominently through her career and essentially, as a wife and a mother.


    Assumption College San Lorenzo’s General objectives are:

    1. To develop academic and professional competence in the students and to prepare them to be a transforming and effective participant in the workplace through relevant curricula, qualified faculty and up-to-date facilities;
    2. To form students of strong integral character imbued with social conscience, a firm knowledge of gospel values and the moral law, with a commitment to build a society where there is more justice, peace and solidarity through participation in dynamic and meaningful curricular and co-curricular programs.


    Our Philosophy

    The guiding Philosophy of Assumption College San Lorenzo is the passion of faith, of love, and of the fulfillment of the law of Christ. Where characters are forged by the force of the Gospel, where souls are set on fire by the TRUTH of God and for his KINGDOM, where the wisdom revealed by the Son of God Himself and the knowledge of the unity of all beings in Him become the principle and the goal of education. – MM Eugenie, 1844

    Education in Assumption College San Lorenzo recognizes God at the heart of the world today.
    It facilitates an ongoing formation process of humanization, liberation, interiorization and communion.

    It impels each person and the school community, to joyfully commit to God, to country and to others.

    It is a learning process that unfolds in an atmosphere of trust, appreciation and service, in a genuine relationship of complementarity, friendship and equality.
    It is inspired by a spirituality and a mission to transform society where Gospel values permeate all systems and structures.

    Jesus Christ is the foundation stone from which it receives its vision and power.


    Inspired by St. Marie Eugenie, Assumption College San Lorenzo passionately form persons and communities of faith and action through a transformative education that nurtures faith and spirituality, pursues academic excellence for service and instills social responsibility, thus forging character for life and life for God.


    Assumption College San Lorenzo is an innovative Catholic women’s college committed to excellent education for leadership and social transformation.

    Assumption College: Programs Offered

    Bachelor’s Degree


    • Bachelor of Communication Major in Advertising
    • BS in Business Administration Major in:
    1. Human Resource Development Management
    2. Marketing Management
    • BS in Entrepreneurship major in Tourism Management
    • BS in Management major in:
    1. Corporate Business
    2. International Business

    Communication & Information Science

    • Bachelor of Communication Major in:
    1. Advertising
    2. Media Production
    3. Theater Arts and Media Education


    • Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Early Childhood Education
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in:
    1. English
    2. Religious and Values Education

    Social Science

    • AB in Psychology

    Master’s Programs


    • MA in Education


    • MA in Psychological Services

    Social Science

    • Master in Guidance and Counseling

    Telephone Number

    (02) 817 - 0757


    San Lorenzo Village Dr. Makati City 1223