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If you want to stay as physically fit as possible in a short amount of time, CrossFit in the Philippines just might be perfect for you. This strength and conditioning program prides itself in incorporating constantly varied functional movements, exercised at high intensity so as to maximize the amount of work done in a short time. Not only will you lose weight, but with CrossFit you’ll be working on your cardiovascular fitness, skills in various physical disciplines, and overall physical well-being!

Expect the unexpected for each session. You’re not going to be doing anything complicated on the first day, but you will have to learn the Nine Fundamental Movements. These are a series of squats, deadlifts, and shoulder presses, designed to mimic actions we do on a daily basis. For example, we squat to sit down and often lift heavy objects like bags, groceries, or babies. The foundational movements also serve as groundwork for plenty of other CrossFit exercises, all of which constantly appear in CrossFit’s official Workout of the Day (WOD).

The WODs are rarely ever the same, if at all, and uses different loads, time domains, and movements. Once in a while you’ll have to do a Benchmark WOD – these are a series of workouts that make repeated, irregular appearances in the Workout of the Day. They serve as a way for you to measure and benchmark your own performance and improvements.

When taking part regularly in CrossFit you are definitely bound to become a fitter, stronger, faster version of yourself. You’ll be able to do more work across various disciplines, which will be far more useful for randomized physical demands in real life.

Find a CrossFit gym (or a box, in CrossFit terms) and get acquainted with a certified CrossFit Trainer – he or she will push you to be as fit as you can be. If you intend to practice CrossFit in the Philippines, use our search engine to see which boxes or trainers are available near you!


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