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DBC-ISAS Conservatory
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    Welcome to DBC-ISAS Conservatory


    DBC-ISAS Conservatory was formally established on July 5, 1999 encompassing of four outstanding fine arts departments: Music, Dance, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing.

    • The Music School department provides professional and creative instruction by highly qualified teachers who love to teach and prepare students for the serious discipline of classical music.
    • The Dance School department emphasize in the development of musicality, artistry, and performance quality through the importance of clean and strong technique. The department offers a stimulating curriculum taught by internationally accredited dance teachers and renowned guest artists, which offers the first dance program in the country with multiple dance syllabi: Cecchetti Ballet, National Dance, Royal Academy of Dance, and Philippine National Ballet.
    • The Visual Arts School department is designed to expose children to a professional level of instruction in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography.
    • The Creative Writing School department are created to assist future writers to develop their craft in a supportive learning environment.

    DBC-ISAS Conservatory is a centre for excellence in music, dance, visual arts, and creative writing. We offer programmes from preschool to pre-professional levels that allow individuals to explore their own creativity and potential.

    DBC-ISAS Conservatory serves as a home for the imaginative and young hopefuls by providing a dynamic and enriched setting where disciplined professionals nurture their students to achieve their maximum potential.



    Exposure to music at a young age encourages development of the innate musicality present in all children.

    The DBC-ISAS Conservatory Music School is an institution in the Philippines specializing in professional and creative instruction by qualified teachers.

    Our programs include recitals, chamber music, master-classes and workshops integrated into a balanced educational program for each individual.




    (18months – 3 Years Old) 

    Music is a natural form of expression to which young children relate responding instinctively to melody, pulse, and rhythm. Using speech, song, listening, instrument-play and movement, our interactive programs provide a wonderful bonding and positive music experience for both child and parent/caregiver.



    (3 Years Old – 8 Years Old) 

    Our Kodaly/ Ordf and Dalcroze programs are an excellent beginning for those starting their musical journey. The program is a natural progression for students who have already experienced our Music for You and Your Baby classes. Each level introduces and reinforces age-appropriate skills through speech, song, movement, instrument play, listening, and creative exploration.

    • Beginner Level (3 years old): Children explore the foundations of music, melody, beat and rhythm. Emphasis is on singing, listening, moving, and developing motor and social skills.
    • Juniors: Children develop their melodic/rhythmic understanding while increasing their concentration and co-ordination. Preparation for literacy is strengthened with listening, memory, and inner hearing activities. Musical notion is also introduced.
      • Level 1 (4 years old)
      • Level 2 (5 years old)
      • Level 3 (6 years old) 
    • Intermediate (6/7 years old) & Senior (7/8 years old): Emphasis is on melodic/rhythmic literacy and creativity. Students develop skills in sight reading, singing, inner-hearing, and learn to read, write, improvise, perform, and conduct music on xylophones, recorders, etc. The ensemble environment encourages cooperation, independence, and confidence. Both courses build an excellent and necessary foundation for students wishing to pursue private instrumental studies.



    The word chamber in music refers to a small group of singers or instrumentalists as opposed to a full-sized choir or orchestra. In an intimate setting, greater attention is given to developing each vocal skills, establishing music literacy and increasing confidence and self-expression. Our choirs offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy making and sharing music with other young musicians.

    • JR. Chamber (6-10 years old): this is an excellent stepping stone for students who enjoy singing and would like to pursue private vocal studies, but may not yet be ready to commit to a routine of daily practice.
    • Intermediate Chamber (11 years old and up): Suitable for the more seasoned singers who are eager to explore a wide variety of repertoire: classical work, contemporary Broadway musicals, light jazz selections and more. For students already enrolled in private lessons, this is a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of singing with others.



    DBC-ISAS Conservatory offers private tutorials for the following:

    • Piano Lessons
    • Voice Lessons
    • Guitar Lessons
    • Percussion Lessons


    For more information on DBC-ISAS Conservatory programs click here

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