Marvin’s Guitar 101 (Quezon City)

Private Affordable Guitar Lessons at Your Home

Marvin’s Guitar 101 (Quezon City)
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    Guitar Lessons in Quezon City

    Marvin is a keen musician with over a decade’s experience performing and teaching. His teaching style is built around the student’s interest in music and he caters for many different styles for both acoustic and electric guitar.


    “My method of teaching is practical and fast, it progresses on how fast the student develops their own skills as a guitar player, learning through the level of difficulty of songs I teach. Learning different genres of music whatever the student is interested in. Teaching them how to read notes and theories for a better understanding of music in general.”


    • Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons in Quezon City
    • Acoustic or Electric Guitar lessons in Quezon City
    • Guitar Tutorial in Quezon City
    • Kids guitar lessons in Quezon City
    • Adult guitar lessons in Quezon City
    • Guitar Tutorial in Quezon City
    • Private Guitar classes in Quezon City
    • Also available in Ortigas, Greenhills, (San Juan City), Kalayaan/Katipunan and Commonwealth


    My band is one of the first of it’s type in the Philippines, we’ve been featured in Magazines and Fanzines (International), We’ve recorded original songs as an independent producer and we’ve played with some International acts that have visited the Philippines as front-band, and gained respect from the underground music scene, up until present we still continue to play for the love of music.


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