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Ready to get rock hard abs? Well you’re going to have to work hard for it! Lucky for you, Pilates provides a low-impact approach to developing flexibility and muscular strength and endurance. Yes, that’s right – despite its reputation for being an exercise for professional dancers, Pilates is actually ideal for anyone who wants to work their core and tone their muscles.

Beginner classes tend to involve only classical Pilates on the mat. Most of the moves are simple and incorporate the fundamental movements and exercise principles. If you’re a little more experienced, you may join advanced classes and find yourself occasionally using other pieces of equipment like an exercise ball, Pilates Ring, Pilates Chair, Pilates Table, and the Reformer. All of this equipment can be used to support the body and make the exercise moves you do more effective. Some of the more intricate looking apparatus may be more intimidating than the others. The machines in particular must not be treated like toys, and should only be used when a certified Pilates instructor is present to give guidance. If you join a suspension fitness program, you will use a suspend trainer, suspension system, or silk suspension for increased inner joint stability.

Misguided use aside, the equipment is more or less simple and easy to use. Practitioners are often encouraged to follow the instructor’s directions, but are free to go at their own pace. Modified versions of certain Pilates exercise moves are also available. Pilates is not a competitive sport so remember: the only records you need to break are your own!

Working with a certified Pilates instructor will definitely help bring you closer to your fitness goals. Classes for Pilates in the Philippines can be private, semi-private, or in groups. To find a Pilates instructor or class, use our search engine today!


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