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Strong, graceful, and sensual. These three words best describe the art of Pole Dancing, or at least the people who practice it. Yes, ‘people’ – majority of practitioners are women, but men are also known to join classes (separate from women’s classes) on occasion. This is because there are very little limitations when it comes to who can take up Pole Dancing in the Philippines. No background in gymnastics or even any sport is required for one to take up the activity. Most studios welcome all genders and levels of fitness, provided you’re over 18 years of age.

Pole dancing is a full-body workout now popularized as a challenging recreational and fitness activity. You will be learning how to do climbs, spins, and limb grips on a vertical pole – to make this possible, simple conditioning exercises are included in each class. Each class is dedicated to building your overall strength, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and technique. Pole dancing in the Philippines may feel strange at first but after a while you’ll realize that there’s something absolutely inspiring and empowering about it! The classes are usually intimate, with only a few students, and each one is encouraged to be confident in their own skin. Private classes are also available.

If you’re trying Pole Dancing in the Philippines for the first time, take the Level 1 Beginners’ Course. Here you’ll learn pole basics, floor work, poses, spins, and signature pole dance steps. You’ll be gripping the pole with your legs some of the time so the safest clothing choice would be a comfortable pair of shorts. As you condition your body more and more, you will gradually be able to move up to the higher levels. You’ll learn to do inverts and aerial poses in intermediate and advanced level classes! Exciting, isn’t it!

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