Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts

Developing the next generation of superstars.

Showstoppers' Center for Music and Arts
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    About Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts


    Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts is a new performing arts school in Quezon City, Philippines. The brainchild of Dr. Zonia Elvas Velasco, who is a prolific stage and television producer as well as talent developer for the Dallas, Texas area, Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts offers individual lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and violin, as well as group classes in Musical Theater, Drama, Modeling, Art Painting, Martial Arts, Belly Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Hip Hop, Aerodance and Taebo. The Center also offers Public Speaking and Diction, Accent and Intonation Training for groups or one-on-one; Star Maker Programs for showbiz hopefuls; and will coach, train and help produce CD recordings for its students. Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts will also put up its own shows to give needed exposure and performance training for its qualified students. For its graduates and other professionals, it offers an artist listing and booking service.

    Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts’ founder and executive director Dr. Zonia Elvas Velasco visited the Philippines last May and was inspired to open a school in Metro Manila, with the desire to be involved in the making of superstars and world-class artists of various performing arts. When asked what she brings to performers that is different from other training that is offered locally, Dr. Velasco says, “There are more Filipinos born with exceptional talent as compared to other groups of people that I know of in the world. However, the tendency is to keep these skills in a box and it keeps them from expanding their horizons to become the best they could ever be. I know how it is to be trained here in the Philippines, because I was trained by the best teachers and was a part of the best groups. But there are strategies and approaches that I have learned and developed through the years that hone the many aspects of performance, adding skills and insights to each move, word, expression, and note. These skills go beyond cultural fences and involve more than just talent. This is what many Filipino performers lack- I rarely see these developed skills in productions that come from the Philippines – not on TV, not in the movies, not on stage. I bring a new dimension of developing the total skills that a talent needs in order to become a world-class professional performer. Our Center will be instrumental in developing the next generation of superstars.”

    Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts will provide appropriate and accelerated training in the performing arts, under Dr. Velasco’s expertise and guidance, thus giving students more value for their money and a greater sense of achievement.


    Voice Coach Jeanne

    Jeanne Marcelle Velasco-Vicars is the fourth child of lyric tenor Noel Velasco and coloratura soprano Zonia Elvas-Velasco. To date Jeanne has handled 10 church choirs, 4 company choirs, 8 praise bands and 6 school choirs (high school and university). She has also conducted more than 50 voices workshops and taught more than 400 voice students individually. At present she is General Manager of her mother’s school Showstoppers’ Center for Music and Arts since 2005.

    Jeanne, with the Lord’s guidance, has developed her own approach to voice teaching called Vocal Sound Management, a unique approach to correcting vocal faults and effecting vocal adjustment in the shortest possible time. Can’t seem to sing in tune? Always hoarse or losing your voice? Do you want to increase your vocal range? Do you want to increase your volume? Do you want to improve your enunciation? Do you want to enhance your vocal expression? Do you want to clean up your sound? Then Vocal Sound Management is for you.


    Code of Ethics

    • We shall respect the rights and dignity of all individuals.
    • We shall act in a trustworthy manner towards all persons, in all aspects of our profession.
    • We shall comply with all laws and regulations governing our profession, and strive to effect changes that benefit our clients.
    • We shall exercise sound professional judgment.
    • We shall achieve and maintain professional competence.
    • We shall maintain and promote high standards for our services.
    • We shall seek only such remuneration as is deserved and reasonable for our services.
    • We shall protect the public from unethical, incompetent and illegal acts.
    • We shall respect the rights, knowledge and skills of colleagues.
    • We shall respect confidentiality in all of our clients.


    Our Instructors

    Our music instructors are trained to teach and perform in both classical and pop entertainment styles. As products of leading music universities, our instructors conduct workshops in TV networks’ educational programs; arrange music for record companies; act and perform in musical theater; participate in and win local and international competitions as members of leading choirs or as composers.


    What They Offer:


    One-On-One Classes

    • Vocal Sound Management (Voice Lessons)
    • Piano Lessons
    • Guitar Lessons
    • Violin Lessons
    • Flute Lessons


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