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Think you can’t sing? Think again. It’s true that not everyone is gifted with a beautiful singing voice, but it’s still entirely possible for you to make heaps of improvements! In fact, even if you are a self-proclaimed tone deaf person, you can still take Voice Lessons in the Philippines and be able to sing well and on pitch at the end of it. Very few people are actually profoundly tone deaf, but just because you’re not hitting the right notes doesn’t mean it’s due to any medical condition. All you need is someone to guide you, and a lot of practice in listening to notes and matching them to the sounds you make.

When you take Voice Lessons in the Philippines, the vocal coach’s aim is to build your confidence and teach you the proper ways to sing through breathing and singing techniques. At the beginning of each class are vocal warmup exercises to stretch and relax the muscles you need before you sing, which are the vocal chords and the inner muscles of the larynx. The rest of the sessions are dedicated to training your tone, pitch, and vocal stamina, and increasing vocal range. For more advanced lessons vocal coaches teach harmonies, intonation, control, and voice production. You will also learn the secrets to transitioning to and from certain notes without vocal breaks, a common problem amongst singers!

In no time at all you’ll be ready to stand on a stage and sing your heart out in front of a crowd. Ironically, the ability to do that requires more than being able to sing well. This is why Voice Lessons in the Philippines, depending on the provider, may also prepare you for the stage by teaching proper delivery, microphone techniques, and commanding the stage.

Other Voice Lessons in the Philippines also offer courses for song writing, which include writing lyrics, finding the rhythm, and fixing the arrangement. Courses for recording and producing a CD are also available. To find the right vocal lessons or coach for you, use our search engine above!


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